Thursday, March 04, 2010

So here ya go, my 3rd Hack / Slash cover. I really like doing these because Tim just lets me go crazy and I feel like good things come from crazy people.... Im not sure what I mean by that, haha
The ideabehind this cover was Structured Chaos.
To put this beautiful girl and a chaotic setting. Its pretty much the essence of the book, this sexy bad ass girl killing killers.
I also wanted to do something different, something your not use to seeing when you walk into a comic store. I wanted you to be able to take the final piece and hang it on the wall.

Everything is traditional except the type.
the mediums are in this order
Rives BFK paper 18"x24"
Prismacolor pencil
Artist tape
Prismacolor Nupastel
and water based oils

ok, is a drawing on 18x24 Rives bfk paper, great stuff, takes dry mediums and wet mediums.
The purple is my watercolor base
The model is my friend Mirisa, she poses for all the hack/slash stuff I do.

After the watercolor base is dry I lay white prismacolor pencil down to create a wax build up on the paper surface. This makes the pencils blend much better.
As you go down you can see that I just keep developing the drawing, laying down color and blending it.
I blend with paper towels and a blending stump, google it if you don't know what that is.
The picture on the right is a picture I found in a magazine and I wanted to use that as a reference for the skin color. I like the browns and greens in it. I use photography a lot for inspiratio

Now I have the figure pretty much done, so I begin the background. I wanted this cover to look crazy chaotic but still be very appealing and easy to look at (I've been in this ridiculous fine art mode recently).
The paint is acrylic Behr house paint. I used that medal thing (black plastic thing next to the paint) to get all the straight lines and I painted artist tape to give it even more texture.
The last process is smoothing out the skin with water based oils. sorry i forgot to take of pic of that :(


Mimi Cortazar said...

Nice stuff !

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Nice process work. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel said...

It's great when artists photograph their creative process. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Lindsey Lydecker said...

oh shit! I'll be looking out for this. I follow Hack Slash. Love love love that comic. congrats mister ^_^

also, the art looks gorgeous as per usual!

shane oakley said...

a beaut!
impressed with your mash/mix-up of styles; the paint and collage.
not enough of this on the comic racks, certainly stands out from the 'usual'.

Aleta Vidal said...

you draw lovely girls, congrats