Monday, December 19, 2011

Rose Systyla

Here is the final piece along with some of the process.
(you guys said you like seeing those shots so I'll try to show more of it from now on)
I used water-soluble wax pastels, prismacolor pencils, nue pastels and acrylics, on Rives bfk paper.
In the process shots, you're seeing more of the flower process.
I hadn't intended on painting the bees in there until the last minute. So I made some in photoshop, printed them out, cut them up and moved the cut out bees around the painting to try and find nice spots for them to be painted in. When I found a fitting place, I took a yellow pencil, sketched the bees in and used mostly the wax pastels to paint the bees on there. In the 4th panel of the process shots you'll see the cut out and the painted bee
I used Prismacolor nue pastels and acrylics to dirty up the flowers.
I really enjoy that process, it feels good to "mess up" the painting after spending so many hours trying to make everything perfect.
This and the other painting "the Pride" will be shown at the Supersonic Electronic show at Spoke Art Gallery on the 5th of January. If you're around those parts, check out the show, it will be a good one for sure!

Follow me on twitter(!/theIRISon )to see more process shots and to watch me mess up more pieces in the future. You know what I'm talking about if you followed me on this piece for the last week.... uuuuhhh so frustrating but it all turned out well... both pieces.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pride

Here are some process shots, and environment shots.
Its all done with water-soluble wax pastels, prismacolor pencils and acrylics, on Rives bfk paper.
I looked forever for a frame for this, then stumbled across the perfect one at a Brooklyn 2nd hand store.

This will be shown at the Supersonic Electronic show, January 5th in Francisco. here is the show info, check it out:

Follow me on twitter :!/theIRISon for update info and current process shots!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More Process

Here is another piece coming at you.
So far it's just colored pencil and I'm super happy with how rich it's coming out
Follow me on twitter to see more progress:!/theIRISon

The paper I used is Rives bfk printmaking paper.
So far it's only prismacolor pencil, just Poppy Red on top of the paper.
Then white for the highlights and Rouge Toscan (red) for the darker values.
All nicely blending with that blending stump.
I went trough about 3 Poppy Red pencils to get that base down.
I usually would start with a watercolor background.... but I forgot, ha. seriously.
The next step is adding Water-soluble wax pastels (Caran D'Ache) on top of the color pencil.
This is a new step in my process.
The pastels are freakn amazing though, I strongly recommend using then over your pencils

I'll keep you guys posted on more process.
I wanted to try and do a video for this one but had to start it faster then I intended.
Soon though guys, soon!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's been a while since my last post, especial something painted.
Well here you go!
This piece is kicking off a new serious of paintings inspired by vintage poster/tattoo art, while keeping my love for the "painterly" look.
The mediums used thus far have been:
Watercolor Pencils
Colored pencil (Prismacolor)
Water soluble oils (Duo Aqua Oils)
On Rives bfk paper (great stuff but I think my process might be pushing it to the limit with this particular piece)

So far I really like the outcome. I'd say its about 75% done.
I'm starting out by blocking in color with watercolor and acrylics. I've got the skin tone built up to a point that I like. The next step is to bring some life into it by dirtying it up a bit. I'll do this with Oils (water based), some matte medium, and Nue Pastels. Should be very interesting.

OH! This will also have hand done script incorporated in that bottom area I haven't finished yet.
Should be cool if I don't botch the hell out of it!

This piece and a few other will be in a show January 5th in San franCisco along side a number of other outstanding artist. The show is being brought to you by Supersonic Electronic, a fantastic art site. Check it out if you don't know it:

The show is being held at Spoke Art gallery
I'll post more on the show VERY soon. Stay tuned

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad Talk

Just having some fun

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Sea Widow

I was in an oval mood for the last two pieces I did for the POP-OP show at Redletter in Hyde Park
This piece is 24"x39"
Prismacolor pencil
Water based oils
On Rives bfk paper


A piece I did for the RedLetter show that opened last weekend 6/3/11
The show was awesome! People really seemed to like this one a lot, so I'm excited to show it!

Its 24"x36"
Prismacolor pencil
Water based oils
acid free, trimmed artist tape, bight white
On Rives bfk paper
(By the way, those lines....not fun to do)

more to come from this show!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Here is a cover I did for Witchblade
This character is so much fun to do, Looking forward to possible doing more work with her in it.

This is the Witchblade #145 HeroesCon exclusive issue.

hope you guys like it!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Here is all the info for my show coming up June 3rd.
It is also the opening of the NEW RedLetter 1.
Very excited about this show! Did a bunch of new work for it and will have high end Giclee prints available there.
I you can t make it to the event I'll post the new works after the show.
Keep your eyes open!

Done with
Prismacolor Pencils
Water Soluble Oil
Prismacolor Nupastel
Artist tape (for the thin white lines)
On Rives bfk paper

BIG Thanks to the model ,Sara Hnatiuk!!
Hope you like it Sara

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New piece in Progress

This is a new piece (In progress)for the show coming up in June 3rd at RedLetter Gallery in Hyde Park, Tampa FL.
So far it's watercolor, nupastel, prismacolor pencil on Rives bfk paper. 25"x40"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Oil, Rives bfk paper.
This is the first piece completed for a show that's coming up June 3rd in Tampa. More to come on that soon!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Working with 2 other guys and writing and illustrating a graphic novel called Domingo.... Ba Ba BOOM
This is a concept "sketch" of the main character, Jackson.
The background is done with ink, the character is digital.

Oh!! by the way, just completed a DVD digital tutorial for ImagineFX.
if you guys want to get a good perspective on how I do my digital work, check that out.
I believe it will be for issue 71

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Work

Here are a few new pieces.
All of them are done with:
Prismacolor pencils
Prismacolor Nupastels
Oils (Holbein Duo Aqua Water Soluble Oils)
On Rives BFK paper
Got a few more coming.

This new "thing" that I'm doing is really just about experimenting.
Though the figures tend to be "attractive", the new direction places less emphasis on sexuality. I simply start out with a loose line drawing of a figure and experiment with building up and breaking down color and shapes in and around said figure. It is not only a salubrious experimentation with the figure but also an exploration of mediums. This process is more sporadic and embraces imperfection, rather then focusing mainly on rendering "perfect" realistic skin.
...It's also a lot of fun.

Hope you guys enjoy it,
and be on the look out for more work coming soon.

HI FRUCTOSE write-up


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I took today off from working mainly because my wrist has been bothering me slightly. So I spent most of the day on the web finding inspiration in various places.
I some how ended up designing a fan FFFFound poster.
Now I know I said I wasn't supposed to be working but... design is rather therapeutic for me.
I found the images used on the top of the poster in ffffound and thought they represented the site in a well rounded way (especially Voyage, ha)
I did the hand type with a Japanese Pentel color brush (awesome!)

just thought I'd share

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreamy Spoon

This is a digital Mural I did for a new yogurt shop in Arkansas.
Its called The Dreamy Spoon, a self-serve frozen dessert shop.
Here is the address if you live in Arkansas and want to check it out:
115 Audubon Dr. Ste #1
Maumelle, AR 72113

The grand opening is April 2nd. I'll be there if you want to come by and tell me how good of a job I did, ha.

So, On the bottom of this post I showed the two loose thumbnails I showed them(they chose the non blue one) then a screen shot of the whole thing in progress.
I did the illustration in pieces.
I worked on the figure, cage and background in separate windows.
I did this because I was working so large. It was much easier on my computer to lighten the layer load.
The cage was really fun to do. I did the whole thing using scanned in textures and gradients. It took a while but the outcome I think is rich and appealing.

I've also attached a few photos they sent to me so you can see the scale of this thing. Should be fun to see in person, never seen my art blown up this large

Sunday, March 06, 2011


So this is a piece Ive been casually working on for some time now. It started off as a commission sketch and I liked the sketch so much that I decided to turn it into a full blown illustration.
Not really a point to this besides completely geeking out to a super hot representation of Caitlin Fairchild.
Had a lot of fun making this, hope you guys like it!!

.....Tan Lines rule.
I love each and everyone of you guys that support tan lines.
Bring'um back!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

ImagineFX January issue

Illustration done for ImagineFx, January issue.
They did a little step by step process article with it.
Here is also what the issue looks like.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tachyon Monster

I couldn't sleep about 2 nights ago so I started painting. Usually I plan out every brush stroke but this was more about relaxing and just letting things happen.
This was a piece I started a few months back but only got the face %70 rendered out. I got inspired and decided to fuck it up...In a good way

it's watercolor
Prismacolor pencil
on Rives BFK paper (tan)

I used tape to distress areas. If I made a mistake, I just went with it, rather then stressing about sloppiness or refined detail.
The piece started out as more of a rectangle but as time went by I started to see it more as a square, so I cropped it. It feels better to me.
Hope you like it.... Well I guess I don't really care, I'm not even sure how I feel about it yet.
...But I think I love it

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here's a cover for the comic Inferno through Zenescope.
Photoshop CS3

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Elric Cover #1

OK, I LOVE this piece!!! SEE, I can draw dudes, ha

I actually did it on a friends computer while I was traveling for a show (Photoshop CS4, I prefer CS3)
It was one of those pieces that just came together in all the right ways.
All the line work was done with pencil then scanned in and I retraced the line in photoshop to make it look more refined.
The hair is done with scanned in brush strokes made with a Japanese calligraphy brush, then finished with white soft brush strokes in photoshop. The skin....well that's kind of an extensive process. I'll make a video of that SOON so you guys can steal my technique and soul, ha.
The Belt was all done in photoshop using gradients, scanned in textures and the shape tool. The sword was done the same way. The blood on his arm was done by scanning in ink blotches on watercolor paper, then colorized in photoshop. I actually used black ink for that.

This is the First cover for a new series with a old character, Elric. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the next few covers for this and I'm going to go ALL out for them. So keep your eyes peeled and go buy them (when they're out)

More to come soon!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wolverine, just for fun

You know when you can't sleep and just start messing around on the computer trying to get ideas.... well that's what is was. About 3 hours of nothing and this came out.
Inspired by an artist named Jeff Depner I actually ended up making a painting of this for a Superhero show but give it to a friend before I could scan in the painting.
Well anyway, here is the digital version of it.


Tata Gala NYC

Here is the post card for the NYC Tata Gala
All the info is on there. If anyone is in New York Feb 5th
totally come out to this, gonna be a great show!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Air Candy

I cant wait to post all the new stuff I'm doing but I cant till they are published, so stay tuned.
In the mean time here is a piece I did for the Tata Gala!!
I did it the night before the Sarasota show. I actually hung the show then rushed to my dad's house and cranked this out in the living room. It was actually really challenging to do, not being in my studio. I had nothing!! I had to go to a local art store and buy all my supplies....for one piece, ridiculous.
Fortunately, it turned out rather nice.
It's done with a watercolor base, colored pencils and acrylics.
Its 24"x36" on Rives bfk toned paper (great stuff)

I also included the drawing process, dont on 11"x17" bond paper with prismacolor Col-Erase pencils

I actually just finished the poster for the NYC Tata Gala so look for that in the next day or two. I used this piece for it. That show starts February 5th at Sacred Gallery in Manhattan. More on that soon.