Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

June show at Redletter in Ybor

This should be a really good show, even if you hate me you should go because this dude Aaron Nagel is pretty rad. Go see his stuff here
its going to be all about the the ladies (no shit Erik) and new work baby

so mark this show date down on your crappy iPhone or your awesome blackberry, hahahahahahaha, sorry Cady

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the Unknown Cover #2

Writer(s): Mark Waid
Artist(s): Minck Oosterveer
Cover : Erik Jones
"She has solved every mystery known to man. But there is one mystery that remains... UNKNOWN! Revered as the smartest person alive, Catherine Allingham is the world's most famous private investigator. Follow her adventures as she sets out to solve the one mystery she's never been able to crack! A new original mini-series from Mark (KINGDOM COME) Waid in the vein of RUSE with international superstar Minck Oosterveer."

this is the second cover for The Unknown, I actually just finished the 3rd but I cant post it yet.
you can go here to pick them up or just check out what its about:

hope you like it


another piece i did for those October shows I did

colored pencil
water based oils
copic marker
paper mounted on board