Saturday, April 16, 2011


Working with 2 other guys and writing and illustrating a graphic novel called Domingo.... Ba Ba BOOM
This is a concept "sketch" of the main character, Jackson.
The background is done with ink, the character is digital.

Oh!! by the way, just completed a DVD digital tutorial for ImagineFX.
if you guys want to get a good perspective on how I do my digital work, check that out.
I believe it will be for issue 71

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Work

Here are a few new pieces.
All of them are done with:
Prismacolor pencils
Prismacolor Nupastels
Oils (Holbein Duo Aqua Water Soluble Oils)
On Rives BFK paper
Got a few more coming.

This new "thing" that I'm doing is really just about experimenting.
Though the figures tend to be "attractive", the new direction places less emphasis on sexuality. I simply start out with a loose line drawing of a figure and experiment with building up and breaking down color and shapes in and around said figure. It is not only a salubrious experimentation with the figure but also an exploration of mediums. This process is more sporadic and embraces imperfection, rather then focusing mainly on rendering "perfect" realistic skin.
...It's also a lot of fun.

Hope you guys enjoy it,
and be on the look out for more work coming soon.

HI FRUCTOSE write-up