Friday, February 20, 2009

New Wave Requiem

get a print here:

well, I'm on a roll with submitting art here so here is one more
It's the cover for a new WhiteWolf r.p.g
it's called New Wave Requiem
it's about vampires in the 80's
how freakn cool is that

and yes, this piece is digital :(
I know, I know, but I only had a few days to finish it
and my traditional process does not like to be rushed.
and to make it worst, I think it came out even better then most of my traditional pieces....that bums me out but at least I gave the client something they loved
I promise the next one will be painted

and for all you digital artist out I know why you do it, its pretty freakn fun!!

Ghost and the Geisha


this was a piece I did for my shows in October
not much more to say about it

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prints available here

this is a cover I did for Boom Studios
Its called The Unknown
they did two cover versions for issue #1
I did this one and apparently Paul Pope is doing the other one
(I can't wait to see it!!)

Not sure when they plan on releasing it
but I'll keep you all posted.....maybe,ha