Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hack/Slash bay

this was such a fun cover
It's the second Hack/Slash cover Ive done and I cant wait to see it printed!!!
I think I spent more time on trying to make it look old then I actually spent on the illustration (figure)
I'm really happy with the way it turned out
hope you guys like it

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 100 covers of the decade

One of the covers I did for The Unknown series made it to the top 100 covers of the decade. Some really cool covers here, take a look

they are in alphabetical order
Happy browsing!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Her Shadows Make Light

So I woke up pretty early this morning to start a cover for a novel that was commissioned a few days ago. (cant say what it is, don't ask)
Before I start a big project I usually loosen up by sketching random stuff (mostly woman).
Well I started sketching this face, then did a little more...and a little more. 4 hours later I'm scanning in ink blotches and black chalk dust.
This was pretty fun because it's traditional mediums scanned in then collaged together using photoshop. I cut around some of the color and line to make it look slightly more sharp edged and manipulated the pinks and yellows to be a but more bright and did most of the value changes digitally too. Oh yeah, and the pink hair lines are digital.... So I guess it's actually Digital...kinda, yeah I guess so.
Anyway, this was just for fun and therapy for the soul
Love it! that's me telling you :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tattoo Commission

Tattoo design for a 3/4's sleeve
Now I'm not super into doing tattoo designs,
1: because I know tattoo artists like handling their own work. and
2: Because I don't expect the buy to pay much for a preliminary design.
But this was an exception. I was approached by a fellow artist who wanted me to combine Mucha with my own style. Having a full Mucha sleeve myself I thought this would be fun. So I took it on! I referenced the Flowers and the 3 girls from multiple Mucha books and added the rest.
It was really fun, the drawing is huge, 18"x24". It took me forever. I'm not used to drawing so much stuff in one composition, If you know my work you know what I mean.
It was fun to go back to one of my favorite artist and rediscover how f*ckn awesome he was!!!
I added some cool stuff like splatters and paint streaks just for fun, It wont be apart of the final tattoo, I'm just so used to "print" that I had to add stuff to it.