Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sound of Glass Falling

Hello to all!!
This is a cover for a brand spanking new novel called
The Sound Of Glass Falling, so new it isn't even out yet.
You can go to the site and read an excerpt from the book though.
A few of my friends are actually making a trailer for the site based on the likeness of my illustration, should be really cool when it's done.
you can check out the site here
I'll post again when the trailer is done
The author, Trinity Scalari, plans on making this into a series and having me do all the covers. So keep your eye out for the new ones and go read the book....when it comes out :)

Also check out my new site. If you like this piece you can get this and others here:


Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Came out really good.

Karine Stader said...

Great work again ;)

Craig Phillips said...

Yes! Very nice! Im enjoying your work a lot.

Francis Leonard said...

the dark modd it sets is cool, do you get bored doing girls though?