Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Rogues

This is a piece I did for a show coming up soon. The show is about the movie The Worriors
I added a photograph of the character because ive found that alot of people have yet to see this movie

anyway should be a cool show

oh yeah< i have a bunch of pieces at Uberbot.... go buy one


Dale said...
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Dale said...

I can dig it!! Excellent movie.

Props on the illo of Luther.

"...Warriors...come out to play-ay!"

Neil said...

I wish I was closer to Florida. I would go buy one of your paintings. Uberbot has all of the cool shows. : (

Aleta said...

woooow! great work! I love the line and the color, i{ll be here often! come to visit my blog if you like, regards from argentina!

Francis said...

looks rockin man!

Seronies said...

I love the Warriors!

I've seen your stuff over at Store 101. Huge fan. I just wish they printed on bigger shirts. I'm a big boy. Anyway man, hope to see you at the June 6 show up here. I've got a rather large piece that I'm working on for it.

Be easy.

lizc said...

if you haven't seen the warriors you are a fuck up at life. you should die right now. and if you watch the warrios because you read about it on some blog, you should die even faster.