Sunday, May 18, 2008


Klye Cross the owner of Store 101 in Gainseville Florida commissioned me to do a
t-shirt design for the store.
They wanted the same image but with different colors, able to print on black and white shirts
mens (black)
girls (white)
Ive been in this retro kick so i wanted to do some far out colors, i freakn dig it, can you dig it??


deep::six said...

love em!!! left is my fave. another one with the flesh as that blue color in the right would be tits too. but you already knew that;) hansom.

Dres13 said...

Dude. I want.
Please holler when these drop.

Andrew R. Wright said...

I dig the offset color...word

Annie Matronic said...

Was linked here from the Uberbot blog.

I rarely comment on these things, but I really like the work you have on here. I'm looking forward to seeing more!