Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More Process

Here is another piece coming at you.
So far it's just colored pencil and I'm super happy with how rich it's coming out
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The paper I used is Rives bfk printmaking paper.
So far it's only prismacolor pencil, just Poppy Red on top of the paper.
Then white for the highlights and Rouge Toscan (red) for the darker values.
All nicely blending with that blending stump.
I went trough about 3 Poppy Red pencils to get that base down.
I usually would start with a watercolor background.... but I forgot, ha. seriously.
The next step is adding Water-soluble wax pastels (Caran D'Ache) on top of the color pencil.
This is a new step in my process.
The pastels are freakn amazing though, I strongly recommend using then over your pencils

I'll keep you guys posted on more process.
I wanted to try and do a video for this one but had to start it faster then I intended.
Soon though guys, soon!!


Astroluc said...

nice... and that is a serious red base going on.

CGriffin said...

Hey, Eric, how do you re-use your stumps? Or do you? What's the best way to peel away the dirty portion?

sundersartwork said...

Great drawing, i noticed that you have a few fingerprints though. Will you rub them off, or paint over them with white acrylic?.

KreepStR said...

Looks so beautiful already Erik, I love the color and the spongebob mug back there.