Saturday, April 16, 2011


Working with 2 other guys and writing and illustrating a graphic novel called Domingo.... Ba Ba BOOM
This is a concept "sketch" of the main character, Jackson.
The background is done with ink, the character is digital.

Oh!! by the way, just completed a DVD digital tutorial for ImagineFX.
if you guys want to get a good perspective on how I do my digital work, check that out.
I believe it will be for issue 71


Yoshiaki said...

Yeah! What a Cool Character this!

Zach Hartlage said...

Love the sketchy lines mixed with the paint style. Nice.

TREY BRYAN said...

man erik your stuff is sick lately
good job man


FML said...

i am totally going to buy that DVD, thanks for the info!!!

Anonymous said...

fuckin' A that background! woooo!

KreepStR said...

This looks amazing, even better that it's for a comic. I would like to know when this is available!