Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is a piece I did for a zombie show back in October. if you buy the print it comes in the actual size of the piece, 3 pieces.
This is a limited print, only 100 available. Ill be putting it on my site in like 8 hours so buy the shit out of it

The original is done with watercolor, prismacolor pencil, acrylics and copic markers
I did it as one piece but didn't like it as one piece......
so I chopped the fuck out of it, and then it made sense to me.
I hope you like it to, but if you don't go fuck yourself

P.S. thier hair makes a skull


Noah Soudrette said...

Truly awesome. I'll definitely be buying this.

James said...

whats the braille mean?

Peter Breese said...

Very freakin cool.