Friday, December 11, 2009

Her Shadows Make Light

So I woke up pretty early this morning to start a cover for a novel that was commissioned a few days ago. (cant say what it is, don't ask)
Before I start a big project I usually loosen up by sketching random stuff (mostly woman).
Well I started sketching this face, then did a little more...and a little more. 4 hours later I'm scanning in ink blotches and black chalk dust.
This was pretty fun because it's traditional mediums scanned in then collaged together using photoshop. I cut around some of the color and line to make it look slightly more sharp edged and manipulated the pinks and yellows to be a but more bright and did most of the value changes digitally too. Oh yeah, and the pink hair lines are digital.... So I guess it's actually Digital...kinda, yeah I guess so.
Anyway, this was just for fun and therapy for the soul
Love it! that's me telling you :)


dave d'incau jr. said...

i'd buy a print of this.

Kyle McCullough said...

This is sweet, love the colors man and her attitude and gesture. Hope all is well man.....later


: : : Luuly said...

Great! I love this one!!! This unfinish style is mighty

Jelter said...

cool, it's really nice when some art just spontaneously appears like that.

Craig Phillips said...

Yeh I love it too!

Thats how I like to work in PS. Scanned textures and flats. Im not one for 'painting' in PS.

This is lovely!!!