Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New York comic con!!

i had the time of my life!!!!
th con was cool to


rico said...

Good seeing you captain underpants!

Anonymous said...

you've got a tree sleeve now?!
i've been trying to get in there, but no one's gotten back to me yet.

belmhern said...

hello iris!!, te escribo desde espaƱa, he llegado a tu blog, de casualidad y me a parecido genial.
Me gusta mucho tu estilo y tu forma de trabajar, te felicito por ello. Siento no hablar ingles para poder tener mejor dialogo.
Saludos desde mi blog.

mauricio salmon said...

dude!!! i was there, it would've been good to see you.

Jamil said...

I'm still digging the stash man

Ryan Stegman said...

Who's the hot guy you're with? He's hot. And talented. I can tell by looking at him.