Sunday, February 24, 2008




mauricio salmon said...

wow, this is really nice, is it acrylic?

James said...

i like the turnout. as for the moving of the canvas, i have the same issue when i work on wood. i found that setting up a kind of clamp (much like a a table easel)

Carlos V. said...

Looks great tough and if you wouldn't have mentioned it I wouldn't have guessed it was canvas.

Lue Sang said...

Beautiful piece! Too bad you don't like canvas, I understand the problem with the canvas.

Question for you: How do you outline your pieces? I'm looking at your work and wondering how it is you do that. It's not black, but it's dark enough to encase the object. Just wondering.

Keep up the great work

Dustin dArnault said...

Man thats a killer piece, I think you did just fine on canvas.I cant even tell you had problems. Look forward to seeing you at mega con.