Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I was at scream fest and was wearing a Norma Jean tshirt and a guy walked up to me and said " hey, I designed that shirt". We started up a conversation, he bought a couple of prints and before you know it I'm workn with him.

This was the first project. A luchador zombie with his hands through the heads of his victims. It was pretty challenging because I have never really done zombies, but now I'm obsessed, so you'll probable see more dead people soon, haha.
the tshirt was going to be red, thats why the background is red. I could only use 5 colors, that was kinda hard as well, but I think it tuned out pretty well


Bags said...

pretty cool mayne! I dig it

Yup, I'm still on for the show, should be interesting to see what folks will turn in.

amp'd to see how it turns out!

carlovely said...

wow. this is amazing...i heard about you thru a friend of mine and am glad he told me.

you are fantastic !