Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm going to be in show in St.Petersburg on Holloween night and wanted to have some bloody work for it, also im going to be at Horror Fest. in Orlando, 19th-21st and I think this might do well there

Im not real crazy about this piece, i dig the rendering but..... I dont know, I dont hate it, but I dont love it, what ever, its done. I think im going through a funk or something, i just dont like anything Im doing, guess I just have to work through it

I think im going to focus on a few movie portraits and go back to some fasion illustration, some stuff my Mom can hang up in her house, haha


Bai Fan said...

Something that I see a bit weird is that the two characters don't have the same contrast... his darks are a lot darker making them feel a bit disconnected. I like it though.

When are you going to be back around Sarasota? I wanna get some prints. I have too much space on my walls.

mauricio salmon said...

it's not a bad piece man, i think you're being to rough on yourself. i go through the same shit. i guess most artists do. good luck with the show.

Alexiev said...

Che, who good work. Tenes a very but very good drawing. I congratulate to you to be in that sample. And your work I like much. Single I make illustration infantile but I enjoy all good work. Luck

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

Alexiev Store

j.slipchinsky said...

hey Erik, I just wanted to let you know I stopped in to Oddity Tattoo on main street and saw a ton of your work up there. lookin good man!

珊珊李 said...