Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreamy Spoon

This is a digital Mural I did for a new yogurt shop in Arkansas.
Its called The Dreamy Spoon, a self-serve frozen dessert shop.
Here is the address if you live in Arkansas and want to check it out:
115 Audubon Dr. Ste #1
Maumelle, AR 72113

The grand opening is April 2nd. I'll be there if you want to come by and tell me how good of a job I did, ha.

So, On the bottom of this post I showed the two loose thumbnails I showed them(they chose the non blue one) then a screen shot of the whole thing in progress.
I did the illustration in pieces.
I worked on the figure, cage and background in separate windows.
I did this because I was working so large. It was much easier on my computer to lighten the layer load.
The cage was really fun to do. I did the whole thing using scanned in textures and gradients. It took a while but the outcome I think is rich and appealing.

I've also attached a few photos they sent to me so you can see the scale of this thing. Should be fun to see in person, never seen my art blown up this large


CGriffin said...

That's pretty derned amazing. How did you get this gig?! Was it well-paying? I can't even imagine how big each portion of the image had to be! Good shtuff.

Josh said...

was the cage a 3D model?

FML said...

i think its cool that they are hip to digital murals in the first place, i mean, doing it in the comfort of your own space must've been nice. how did they convert it to the wall? is it one big banner that sticks to the wall? this makes so many questions, but bad ass nonetheless my dude.

Charlieblue said...

Erik, totally fascinated with the way this piece looks finished on the wall! Wondering if here or in DA you might give some more insight into what program(s) you used to scale it to that size? Had to be vectored? How in the world did you apply it?!?!? I need to know this!!! Thanks for sharing M8.

Quasar said...

I follow you on DA and I had been browsing through your gallery and saw this piece. Then looking at your blog I saw that it was for a business in Arkansas and I was so excited because that is where I'm from. Random, but I thought it was so awesome that an artist I like has done work around this area.

Craig Phillips said...

That is fricking amazing!!!!! wow!