Saturday, January 08, 2011

Elric Cover #1

OK, I LOVE this piece!!! SEE, I can draw dudes, ha

I actually did it on a friends computer while I was traveling for a show (Photoshop CS4, I prefer CS3)
It was one of those pieces that just came together in all the right ways.
All the line work was done with pencil then scanned in and I retraced the line in photoshop to make it look more refined.
The hair is done with scanned in brush strokes made with a Japanese calligraphy brush, then finished with white soft brush strokes in photoshop. The skin....well that's kind of an extensive process. I'll make a video of that SOON so you guys can steal my technique and soul, ha.
The Belt was all done in photoshop using gradients, scanned in textures and the shape tool. The sword was done the same way. The blood on his arm was done by scanning in ink blotches on watercolor paper, then colorized in photoshop. I actually used black ink for that.

This is the First cover for a new series with a old character, Elric. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the next few covers for this and I'm going to go ALL out for them. So keep your eyes peeled and go buy them (when they're out)

More to come soon!


Cuyler Smith said...

Excellent work!

rogerspace said...


FML said...

nice to see something other than a chick for once, nice job mang!

Craig Phillips said...

I am geeking out. Very cool piece!

Sharon Stogner said...

I bought this comic because of the smexy man on the cover, yes that is how I choose my comics ;) will e looking for you at Heroes con in Charlotte, NC