Friday, July 16, 2010

Tata Gala, work in progress postcard

Not sure about anything on this right now but Im digging where it's going.
There is going to be more info on it but I just haven't gotten a chance to get it on there, but slowly this will take shape. thought I'd share. Totally open for suggestions by the way. And I realize there are some punctuation errors and in progress
This years Tata Gala is going to be so freakn awesome, we have adds in Juxtapoz magazine next month and a full news story along with images in ImagineFX coming out in September
We are also doing the show in New York as well as Sarasota. More info to come very soon


CGriffin said...

I missed last year's show, due to my own time mis-management, but I'm really hell-bent on doing it this year! A friend of the family is losing her battle with breast cancer, I'm afraid...she's younger than me, with two kids. It's so tragic. Gotta do something about it. So as soon as you have info, I'm on it like white on rice!

The Only Donia You Know!! said...

Oh Nifty, we have sponsors this year! I was in last years' event and I'm So excited to work on my piece for this upcoming show I'm really hoping my finances will allow me to fly back to FLA for the show since I didn't make it last year. Keep us posted!

<3 Donia

Neil said...

I like the overall design and colors. The text is surprisingly easy to read, considering that it's just a bunch of shapes thrown together.

Kyle McCullough said...

Really like where this is going. Looks fresh, might not even need any figurative elements in this design. Great color choices as well. Titts in your wallet.