Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here is the call for entries page I designed with My work and of course the incredible Nathan Fox, it's going to be in next months Juxtapoz and ImagineFX. In fact ImagineFX is doing a big story on the event, so this year is going to be really big. Look for that
The site is updated but it was just updated today so there are still a few things missing but more photos and info will be hitting the site very soon.

This year we are dong it just a bit different.
Now when you submit your art through the site you will automatically be in our digital gallery for everyone to see.
(the digital gallery will appear after the shows)
We are making it mandatory that you submit through the site. The images you guys send to the site will be judged. We will go though the "best of the breast" work and decide who gets to show at the Sarasota FL. show and then the NEW YORK show!!!
The reason why we are doing it this way is because the event is getting a ton of attention and a TON of art. We simply did not have the space for all the art we received last year (though we made it work well :) )
Submitting through the site will make it more manageable.

Also, new on the site is a Donate button!!!
We've Hhd a lot of people that have wanted to contribute but either were not artistically inclined or simply didn't have time to do a piece. Well if you hit the donate button and follow the steps you can dramatically help. The money goes to Breast cancer research AND to putting on the event (unfortunately putting on a big show like this isn't cheap)

Anyway, enough bla bla blaing. Get those creative juices flowing and get to work on the best damn "BOO BEE" piece you can do!!!
Please guys, pass this around!!!!
We would love for this show to make it into every major city. So helpfully with enough support we can be coming to your city very soon.

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