Saturday, January 09, 2010


THIS IS A PHOTO!! not a painting
well, it's a photo illustration.
So I just completed a photo shoot with the lovely Abbi Ptak
I was going through the photos and decided to start working on an illustration idea.
Well, normally I throw a photo into photoshop and start working out loose ideas to paint from, but the more I played with it the more I liked it. So I just kept going and going. I's to the point where I really don't feel like painting it would do it justice, I feel like it's great the way it what's the point???
I don't know, I might end up painting it but it just seems like a waist of time.
either way, I really like the image I wanted to share it with you all


Daniel said...

I think it's really cool that even though this is a photo, it still has the same style and feeling as your paintings and illustrations.(the hair, facial expression, etc)

Nice job

Francis Leonard said...

i just thing abbi is hott, lol

Henry said...

This is actually really great in my eyes!
I find it extremely interesting to see how painters utilize their references. I think something like this shows more of the designer that you are than some of your paintings.I can imagine you setting up her pose. calculating...imagining how it would look on a painting. references are one of my favorite things to do because they are the first step to great figure work. Keep it up Erik! Always impressed.

Karine Stader said...

Hi Erik!
I really like it the way it is aswell. The girl is awesome and i can recognize your style through her attitude and expression.
The only point is that it's a photo...
and i can't help myself thinking of the great painting it would be if you could "waste" (-> i pick up your own word there) a bit of your time on it ;)...
Drawings and paintings will always bring imagination further compared to photos.
It brings much more magic and mystery...