Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As you can tell if you have been following my lastet post, I've been beyond busy. I've been posting so much, might as well not break precedent...

If you follow my twitter
This is the shirt design I was working on all yesterday and today. It was really fun finding those goofy fonts and applying them in a cool way.

This shirt will be avalable at:

They are friends of mine that have been trying to get me to do a design for them for a while now, well it was worth the wait wasn't Jeff, ha

still to come is the Tata Gala official Poster


Hesse said...

Hey that's pretty damn cool! Like the overall composition. Nice!

Slaughter Beach Co said...

That is some Sex right there!

Jared Fiorino said...

Nice work as usual.. ya D-bag!