Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally got the poster done
If you live in Sarasota be on the look out for these babies, They'll be up next week!!

For all you graphic designers out there that are purist and only get down with like Swiss design, I'm sorry, this poster is not for you....... Sorry Randy

I was super inspired by all the old posters/news papers in the late 1800's through the 30's. I'm sure a lot of the type is not period based but come on give me a break, I'm an illustrator...

here is the site again www.tatagala.ord
now get to work and create some beautiful boob art
work is due November 10th


CGriffin said...

Hey, are you guys gonna be selling the poster? I'd love to get my hands on one. Hopefully, my entry will get to the gallery in one piece; I've never shipped glass before!

Francis Vallejo said...

very solid Mr. Jones!

Adam Jackson said...

Big fan of your work, much love to ya.