Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prints available here

this is a cover I did for Boom Studios
Its called The Unknown
they did two cover versions for issue #1
I did this one and apparently Paul Pope is doing the other one
(I can't wait to see it!!)

Not sure when they plan on releasing it
but I'll keep you all posted.....maybe,ha


Pop-Monkey said...

Looks great! Congrats on more comic cover work! I need to get some more of that going.

Neil said...

Paul who?

Chelsea Greene Lewyta said...

Your work looks great!
I've linked you on my blog, I'm trying to collect students and other artists I've met. Hope you don't mind. (We met at the SOI student show last spring). Take care!

Giehl said...

this is your first piece that i dont actually like. however i have been vastly influenced by your work. thanks so much.

Jared said...

Effing LOVE it!

William Appledorn said...

this is great. i like the movement and how you made all the materials look different, cool technique.