Tuesday, November 18, 2008


New She Kills design
it should be ready for the X-mas season
so go to www.shekills.com
if it's not up yet, keep checking back
it should be up in the next few weeks

why does every girl hate that word, haha
its like kryptonite to every female
you guys make it to easy..... haha, sorry

Ill call it "GUNS n @#$*s

there, are you happy??


Neil said...

Just throw "fat" in front of it and it's guaranteed that she'll never speak to you again. Well that, or you'll get the hell beat out of you. Hee hee.

I saw pics of you in attendance at the Noto show. I thought you'd be in NY by now.

luis espinosa said...

Hey, here's something you might want to check out.

The Dirty Show X:Call for Artists

luis espinosa said...

hey..sorry about that first link. for some reason they took the post off their site. here is the right now..

The Dirty Show X

SacRed Star said...

English girls don't care at all, they even like to use it themselves

erica said...

Zach Harward recommended I check out your blog. Nice work. My boy does illustrative work of pretty ladies as well. www.octoberillustrations.com, check it out!

Pop-Monkey said...

Erik, you're dumb.