Friday, July 11, 2008


How patriotic of me, i know

this is a commission for a dude I met at the new york con a few months back
he wanted me to illustrate a girl he know from a site called burning angel.
It was kinda hard because the pictures were like an inch and i really couldnt see the tattoos, oh well, it turned out ok

I will say I'm getting sick of the "Erik, draw me a girl with tattoos"
I really want to expand... like.. girl without tattoos, theres a fresh concept, haha
besides tattoos are for wimps, and i got a knuckle sandwich waiting to be tasted by some wimp..... Sean, that means you buckaroo... yeah i said it


deep::six said...

do fries come with that knuckle sandwich?

IrisOn said...

in your deams chapie

Howard Shum said...

Nice art on your blog.

EL Gato Negro said...

you suck!!!!!!

Raven said...

But girls with tattoos are so pretty, how bout this where are your brown girls?

-tattooed brown girl

珊珊李 said...