Saturday, April 21, 2007



Tamte said...

You konw man something I really admire about your work is that it has a beautiful finish. Not a rendered to fuck finish, but a finish. (you are doing some nice rendering though) What are you aiming for when you start working. Do you find the piece always "needs" more work and ends up taking longer than you planned or do you have the farsight to see the thing thumbnail to finish all in one shot, pattern pose and all?



Wow dude. Really really good looking girl!
I have to admit that i love red-haired women, i think they have something special.
Your technique is amazing man, i hope i had the pattience needed to work on real material despite on digital support.

Hugs from Spain.

( =_=)/

Skulldaggery said...

oh my god, you are rificoulus good... I'm ashamed to even think about the fact that I draw too...